Buyer Thanks


November 12, 2008

Dear Larry Fales,

We just wanted to take this time to thank you for all your help and support in buying our first home. You took the time to look for and find exactly what we wanted in a house. You didn’t get us just a house though, you found us our first home. As first time home buyers in such a difficult market we were scared to invest and make that huge step. Your dedication though calmed our nerves. Even when the first home we wanted sold right before we put in our offer, you told us not to worry, that it was probably a blessing. Then our dream home came along. It was a foreclosure but you took us through and showed us what you thought needed to be done. You treated us not only as clients but also as family. Tim and I can finally say with confidence and pride that this is our home to family and friends.

Thank you for that!

Best Regards,

- Jenni and Tim Mendoza, Lake Villa, IL

Seller and Buyer Thanks!

"Dear Larry,

I am so sorry this letter is coming to you a year late. Wally & I wanted to thank you again for all your help since we put our house up for sale with you back in November of 2004. Your experience, advice, and guidance of course is appreciated. But you went above and beyond your role as a realtor when you helped us out with a place to stay in between homes and offering use of your own vehicle and movers to help with our two moves. Even though it took so long to tell you thank you, we have never forgotten how your thoughtfulness brought calm to a very stressful episode in our lives-you really made it easy for us! We bring your name up to others who may be moving and rave how you make the extra effort, so effortlessly. Also, we love our new house. I am forever grateful that you matched us up with it-suits us PERFECTLY! I have been wanting to thank you since our move but school started that following Monday we closed and my mind was on either school or home and other things were put on the back burner, I hope all is well with you and business is good. We don't ever plan on moving but if that ever changes, we'' be in touch."

- Peg & Wally Licht Antioch, IL

Buyer Thanks!

"Dear Larry,

I have meaning to send this to you sooner, but have been busy at work, as you can imagine, with the oncoming miserable weather. I have been helping my sister get settled in her new house as well, which leads me to this. I am sure you can't know how happy I am to have Donna so close. She and I are all the family either of us has left, as I've told you. I wanted to thank you personally for taking such good and attentive care of her. She has never endeavored to buy a house all by herself alone. Your very kind attention to her made it much easier for her and for me as well. It is always comforting to know that someone so special is being well cared for. Your kind attention to her needs and wishes made everything so much more pleasant for both she & I. I wanted you to know tha Carol and I appreciate all your efforts on Donna's behalf immensely. She has already had the entire place cleaned, re-decorated and is all moved in as I write this. She is feeling very much at home already. You'll have to stop by so she can show off a bit. Again Larry, thank you."

- Carol & Mike Malick, Antioch, IL

Referral Thanks

"Larry Knoll did contact me yesterday. As you said I think it is going to be a perfect match. He's actually even shown the house and pretty much agrees what my assessment is and he knows the former Real Estate person. He likes her and she likes him. So I think this is going to be a real smooth transition. I think Larry is going to do a good job for us. So I really appreciate the referral. I think it is going to work out perfectly. That's why I called you cause I know you make things happen and I can count on you so I really appreciate you doing that. I think it is going to work out perfectly. I even think my sister in law is going to like this guy too. So I think it'll work. I think it's a good deal. Thanks Larry I appreciate it. I'll be in touch."

- Don Goodwin, Ohio

Seller Thanks

""I was looking for a responsive real estate agent with good marketing skills, when time came for me to move out of town for a job. Not only Larry is responsive and experienced professional, but also is an agent with integrity and consideration for seller. I am glad to find a realistic agent, during this recession time (2008), who could take this sale all the way to closing. I definitely recommend Larry as a seller agent."


- Sreenivasa Nerayanuru, NV